Couchbase Content

There is a lot of content out there about Couchbase, written by the Community and by the Couchbase SDK team. Here is a list of what I know about, of course there is a lot I am still discovering!

Couchbase Tumblr

Couchbase Tumblr

Community Blogs

Creating an ECommerce Platform using Couchbase 2.0

by Pablo Casado

Data Recovery Script for Couchbase 2.0 Developer Preview

by Pablo Casado

Couchbase View Querying for SQL People

by Pablo Casado

Couchbase backup to Amazon S3

by Pablo Casado

Github Repo

Real Time Chat with Play Framework, Java & Couchbase

by Michael Nitschinger

Couchbase Manager in Glassfish

by Ricky Poderi
Github Repo

Couchbase for Gaming/iOS with .NET

by Tony Fonager

Cutting Over to Couchbase 2.0

by Kyle Heon

Advanced High Performance Caching in .NET

by Kendall Bennett

Couchbase Videos

All Couchbase Videos on Vimeo

Couchbase Channel on YouTube

Couchbase Videos on YouTube

What is Couchbase?

What Is Couchbase? from Couchbase on Vimeo.

Developing with Couchbase I

CouchConf London - Developing I from Couchbase on Vimeo.

Developing with Couchbase II

CouchConf London - Developing II from Couchbase on Vimeo.

Developing with Couchbase III

CouchConf London - Developing III from Couchbase on Vimeo.